Spain’s Interior Minister says gay marriage threatens the “survival of species”


Spain’s Interior Minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz may have a catchy sounding name but he’s become the latest official within Europe to say something publicly against marriage equality for LGBT couples.  His argument is that if gay people get married, it would put the “survival of the species” at risk. Diaz said this absurdity during a [...]

Clegg slams gay marriage free vote


Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has hit out at the recent announcement that Tory MPs will be allowed a free vote with regards to gay marriage – a move made to avoid a rebellion from Tory MP’s and ministers who are opposed to it. Mr Clegg said “We are not asking [...]

Reading Pride does not want gay marriage


Reading Pride does not want Gay Marriage – they, like live every other sector of the LGBT Community, want marriage equality.  After all, gay people don’t drive gay cars, eat gay lunches or drink gay tea.  Well not all of us anyway! Reading Pride has realeased the following statement: Following recent opposition by the Catholic [...]

Ben & Jerry’s renames flavour in support of UK Gay Marriage


Popular Ice-cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s, has demonstrated it’s support of gay marriage by renaming flavour ‘Oh My! Apple Pie!” as “Apple-y ever after” ahead of plans to legalise same-sex marriage here in the UK. They have partnered with Equality Charity Stonewall as part of its campaign and has unveiled a webpage which allows people [...]

Gay Couple open surrogacy centre for same sex couples


Britains first gay fathers to be named on a childs birth certificate have opened the countries only surrogacy centre to cater for same sex couples in Maldon, Essex. Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow hit the headlines in 1999 when they used a surrogate mother from California and an egg donor to father twins Aspen and Saffron. [...]

Womans Institute offended by anti-gay marriage advert


The Womans Institute is now posied to cause a political stir again after it rejected an advert to be placed in its WI Life Magazine from the Coalition for Marriage which is leading an anti-gay marriage campaign against the governement’s plans to allow same-sex marriage. The magazine is distributed to the WI’s 210,000 members. The [...]

Australian politician’s gay brother responds to gay attack advert


BOB Katter’s gay half-brother has launched an angry and very public attack on an ad released by his sibling’s political party, calling it “homophobic”, “unchristian”, “pathetic” and “grubby”. Carl Katter used Twitetr following the broadcast of the Katter’s Australian Party advert which attacked Queenland Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman for backing gay marriage. “They [...]

Priest removed from church after refusing communion to lesbian


A priest who refused communion to a lesbian at her mothers funeral last month at a Catholic church in Gaithersburg, Maryland (USA) has been removed from the church. According to a letter sent from the Archdiocese of Washington to all of its priests, he is apparently on administrative leave pending investigation. The letter says that [...]

Increased violence against gay youth in Iraq


The Associated Press is reporting that young people in Iraq who identify themselves as ‘Emos’ are being brutally killed at an increased rate following distributed hit lists of victims by militias. Secrutity firms say that they are unable to stop crimes that are percieved to be against the Irag subculture such as being gay. Officials [...]

Saint Petersburg anti-gay law signed in


The governor of Saint Petersburg in Russia, has now signed the controversial new law against homosexual propaganda, in defiance of protests that it discriminates against gays. Georgy Poltavchenko signed the law – which promises fines for anyone found to have spread gay propaganda among minors – after it was adopted by the local legislature. Homosexuality [...]

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