Australian politician’s gay brother responds to gay attack advert

Bob KatterBOB Katter’s gay half-brother has launched an angry and very public attack on an ad released by his sibling’s political party, calling it “homophobic”, “unchristian”, “pathetic” and “grubby”.

Carl Katter used Twitetr following the broadcast of the Katter’s Australian Party advert which attacked Queenland Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman for backing gay marriage.

“They a (sic) using the politics of fear & hate to win vote. They truly are desperate to use such grubby tactics!” Carl tweeted.

“He and rabble (sic) of bigots do bother me and I worry for the people that receive the hate that is incited by such ads.

“My family and myself are disgusted but not surprised.”

The ad targets Greens leader Bob Brown and Mr Newman on the issue of gay marriage.

“How well do you really know Campbell Newman?” a voice asks in the advertisement, which shows pixelated images of two shirtless men embracing.

“Do you think he’ll stand up for your family values? Do you think he’s standing up to the Greens and other minority groups? Think again. The LNP leader supports gay marriage, just like Greens leader Bob Brown.”

Bob Katter told Ten News he respected his half-brother’s position: “I admire his candour, his forthrightness in coming forward. I haven’t had a lot to do with him down through the years, but I admire him for that.”

The video is here:

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