Ben & Jerry’s renames flavour in support of UK Gay Marriage

Ben-and-Jerrys-Appley-Ever-AfterPopular Ice-cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s, has demonstrated it’s support of gay marriage by renaming flavour ‘Oh My! Apple Pie!” as “Apple-y ever after” ahead of plans to legalise same-sex marriage here in the UK.

They have partnered with Equality Charity Stonewall as part of its campaign and has unveiled a webpage which allows people who support marriage equality to send a letter to their local MP.

Ilaria Ida, Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Manager, said “This is a proud day for Ben & Jerry’s when we can show our support for a cuase that’s at the core of our values.”

The company has also set up an app on Facebook where people can ‘marry’ someone of the same gender for the chance to win a tub of their favourite ice-cream.

The Ben & Jerry’s campaign website can be found at



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