Spain’s Interior Minister says gay marriage threatens the “survival of species”

Jorge Fernandez Diaz says gay marriager threatens "survival of species"

Spain’s Interior Minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz may have a catchy sounding name but he’s become the latest official within Europe to say something publicly against marriage equality for LGBT couples.  His argument is that if gay people get married, it would put the “survival of the species” at risk.

Diaz said this absurdity during a talk about Religion and State at the Spanish Embassy in Rome.  He argued that religious reasons were not arguements against a law to allow same-sex marriage and that there were rational arguments that could be used instead.  “For example, the survival of the species is not guaranteed” he said.

Colleagues of Diaz in the Popular Party have distanced themselves from Diaz’s remarks whilst gay campaigners have called for his resignation.

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