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Outcast LGBT Gay News TVOutcast TV is a weekly web-based News show produced for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.  It is presented by LGBT Campaigner, Jamie Wake, who mixes news with his views and discusses issues relevant to the LGBT Community.  Many of the news stories demonstrate the continued need for LGBT Campaigners throughout the world to combat homophobia in all its forms.  For example, the desire for Marriage Equality has sparked debate across the world as countries start to embrace equality for all – realising that many of the debates are not about Gay Rights but Human Rights.

Outcast TV aims to produce high quality and diverse content that appeals to the whole of the LGBT Community – wherever they are based in the world.  We have also helped LGBT Charities such as SupportU to reach a wider audience by utilising the power of video in social media.

Outcast TV is also the driving force behind the OK 2B GAY campaign which is a social media campaign that reinforces the message that it is indeed Ok to be Gay.

Outcast TV began its life as Outcast Radio – a community run internet based radio station that embraced diversity across the airwaves.  Outcast Radio is on a break but plans to return during 2012.

Outcast TV is a non-profit organisation that relies on personal funding, sponsorship and advertising.

Outcast TV is not designed to be an alternative to the other excellent Gay News Channels but is designed to compliment them in our unique way.

Here’s the latest show that Jamie has produced:


Our YouTube Channel can be found at www.youtube.com/OutcastLGBTTV

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